SirScoots hits out at Sadokist over BLAST Pro criticism: “Stop being a daft c***”

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  The rising tournament organizer known as?BLAST, part of the RFRSH Entertainment brand, has held three $250,000 events so far in 2019, with plans for more throughout the year including their Global Final at the end of the year. BLAST events feature a best-of-one round robin format until the grand final and usually take up just two days.

  Their tournaments are often completely invite only and concerns have been?raised over 2018's top team,?Astralis, missing out on other premier events to attend BLAST Pro Series, especially given the fact that?they are both under the RFRSH brand. Other teams, including the likes of Team Liquid and NiP, have also been accused of prioritizing BLAST events; many critics argue that clashes in event dates and an ever more full calendar?are robbing fans of true tier one tournaments with all top teams in attendance.?